• Goatfish

  • Goatfish are large and interesting fish that scavenge for food in the substrate with their whiskers. Since Goatfish can get larger than a foot, larger tanks are recommended to successfully keep a Goatfish.

    Goatfish can be kept in reef aquariums, but they will eat smaller invertebrates, so that must be taken into consideration when adding a Goatfish to your reef tank. Goatfish come in a host of colors including colorful yellows and reds, and have two distinctive barbels under their mouth used for looking through substrate.

    Goatfish are pretty hardy fish and do well in larger saltwater tanks. Care must be taken to provide Goatfish with a proper meaty diet. It is also recommended that they be kept in tanks with some sort of substrate.

    Below you will find out full list of Goatfish that we keep in stock. Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions or concerns about a specific species of Goatfish or in general.