• Clownfish

  • Clownfish are by far the most popular fish in the saltwater aquarium hobby. Much of the popularity of Clownfish is due to popular of the animated movie Finding Nemo, where the main character is a Clownfish named Nemo.

    Although Clownfish are very hardy species, they need to be kept by aquarists who are dedicated to the hobby and know how to provide the proper environment for a Clownfish to flourish in.

    Clownfish come in varieties of colors and have started to be bred to create some amazing patterns and colorations. For the most part Clownfish are peaceful, but can get territorial and aggressive in smaller tanks and in larger numbers. Clownfish generally stay rather small, but some Clowns can grow to over five inches and be pretty aggressive.

    Below is our full list of Clownfish that we keep in inventory. If you have any questions about certain Clownfish species, or would like to know more about the requirements to keep a Clownfish please feel free to contact us.