• Stingray

  • Stingrays are some of the most graceful fish that you can find the ocean. Some species of Stingray are suitable for home aquariums as well.

    Stingrays normally get well over two feet in captivity, so it is advised that you only keep Stingrays in a very large aquarium with rounded corners. On tanks with sharp corners, Stingrays can severely injure themselves. Sharks are normally great tank mates for Stingrays, since they require similar tanks and foods.

    Stingrays are not reef safe, since they will normally eat fish and invertebrates. They will also easily knock over coral. In large fish only tanks, Stingrays can be an amazing showpiece addition to your tank.

    Below is our full inventory of Stingrays that we keep in our inventory. If you have any questions about if a Stingray will be a good fit for your tank, please feel free to contact us.