• Goby

  • Gobies are great fish to keep in most aquariums and add a nice dash of color and personality. For the most part Gobies are also considered completely reef safe fish as well.

    When keeping Gobies make sure that you have lots of rock for them to hide in when spooked and also substrate that they can borrow in. It is not advised to keep Gobies with larger aggressive fish, since they might end up being eaten.

    Gobies are well known as jumpers, and will try to jump out of your aquarium if they get spooked. You will need a tight fitting lid without large enough holes for Gobies to jump through. Some Gobies will also sift you sand around and keep the sand clean and aerated.

    Below you will find out full list of Gobies that we keep in stock along with detailed information on each. If you have any questions about which Gobies will work best for you tank, please feel free to contact us at any time.