Red War Coral
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  • Red War Coral

  • Favites pentagona

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  • Tank Size:
    Tempermant: Aggressive
    Lighting: Moderate
    Water Flow: Moderate
    Placement: Anywhere
    Maximum Size:
    Coloration: Red, Green
    Diet: Carnivore
    Regions Found: Australia, Captive Bred
    Reef Compatible:
    Experience Level: Beginner
    Guarantee: Live Guarantee Available
    Water Conditions: 74-82° F, SG 1.020-1.027, PH 7.9-8.5
    Other Names: Favites Red War Coral, Red and Green War Coral
  • Description
  • The Red War Coral is a stunning and very colorful brain coral. Red War Corals are mostly red with bright green in their centers. Red War Corals grow in a honeycomb style as well. Under actinic lighting, the Red War Coral will just glow, a true sight to behold.

    Red War Corals can be placed anywhere in the tank where they get both moderate flow and lighting. After you have placed a Red War Coral in your desired location watch for any signs of stress after a day or two. If any signs are stress are seen, simply move it a few inches until it seems happier.

    Red War Corals are aggressive corals and shouldn't be placed too close to other corals. Red War Corals will send out sweeper tentacles and will damage nearby corals. The coral neighbor will either recede and in some cases might perish.

    Red War Corals get most of their nutrition from the water column and also from photosynthesis. If you would like to supplement your Red War Corals diet, just feed the tank small meaty foods like baby brine shrimp or plankton in the evening.

    If you have any questions about the Red War Coral and if it's the right coral for your tank, please feel free to contact us at any time.

    Tiny: Up to 1.5", Small: Over 1.5-2", Small / Medium: Over 2-2.5", Medium: Over 2.5-3.25", Medium / Large: Over 3.25-4", Large: Over 4-4.5", Extra Large: Over 4.5-5.5", Extra Extra Large: Over 5.5-6.5", Show Size: Over 6.5-7.5", Jumbo: Over 7.5"

    If you have any questions please contact Eric Cohen TankStop owner and well respected industry veteran.

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