Hydnophora Horn Coral
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  • Hydnophora Horn Coral

  • Hydnophora sp.

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  • Tank Size:
    Tempermant: Aggressive
    Lighting: High
    Water Flow: High
    Placement: Middle to Top
    Maximum Size:
    Coloration: Green
    Regions Found: Fiji, Captive Bred
    Reef Compatible:
    Experience Level: Intermediate
    Guarantee: Live Guarantee Available
    Water Conditions: 74-82° F, SG 1.020-1.027, PH 7.9-8.5
    Other Names: Hydnophora Coral, Knob Coral, Velvet Horn Coral
  • Description
  • The Hydnophora Horn Coral is a very desirable and colorful SPS (Small Polyped Stony) coral. Hydnophora Horn Coral grow in a branching manner and are mostly green in appearance.

    Hydnophora Horn Corals can be placed anywhere in the tank where there are both high water flow and lighting. Hydnophora Horn Corals tend to enjoy water movement that is more random in nature as well. Hydnophora Horn Corals will grow relatively fast in the right conditions. In tanks where the water quality is pristine and the lighting and flow intense, you will see great growth out of your Hydnophora Horn Coral.

    Hydnophora Horn Corals are very aggressive coral and will often sting and kill their closest coral neighbors. Over years, Hydnophora Horn Corals can grow very large, so take this into account when placing a Hydnophora Horn Coral in your tank.

    Hydnophora Horn Corals get most of their nutrition through photosynthesis with strong reef lighting. If you feel that your Hydnophora Horn Coral isn't getting enough food, you can try to supplement its nutrition with micro-plankton. Also adding trace elements back into your tank from water changes or dosing will help your Hydnophora Horn Coral thrive.

    Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions about the Hydnophora Horn Coral and if it's the right coral for your tank.

    Tiny: Up to 2.5", Small: Over 2.5-3", Small / Medium: Over 3-3.5", Medium: Over 3.5-4", Medium / Large: Over 4-4.5", Large: Over 4.5-5.5", Extra Large: Over 5.5-6.5", Extra Extra Large: Over 6.5-7.5", Show Size: Over 7.5"

    If you have any questions please contact Eric Cohen TankStop owner and well respected industry veteran.

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