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  • Firefish

  • Nemateleotris magnifica

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  • Tank Size: 10 Gallons
    Tempermant: Peaceful
    Maximum Size: 3"
    Coloration: Red, White, Orange
    Diet: Carnivore
    Regions Found: Indo-Pacific Ocean, Indonesia, Hawaii, Maldives
    Reef Compatible: Yes
    Experience Level: Beginner
    Guarantee: Live Guarantee Available
    Water Conditions: 74-82° F, SG 1.020-1.027, PH 7.9-8.5
    Other Names: Fire Goby, Magnificent Dartfish, Red Fire Goby, Fire Dartfish, Firefish Goby
  • Description
  • The Firefish is a stunning and truly unique fish to add to your aquarium. They are colorful and have a shape unlike any other fire sound in a reef.

    Firefish can grow to a maximum adult size of around 3 inches, which means they can be kept in an aquarium as small as 10 gallons. For the most part, the Firefish is a very peaceful and docile fish. The only fish that the Firefish show aggression to are similar species, although they can happily live in a pair.

    The front portion of the Firefish is while with the back half being covered in swatches of red and orange. It is important in a tank to have plenty of rock for the Firefish to hide in when it feels threatened. It is also important to have a tight fitting cover for you aquarium with no holes small enough for the Firefish to jump though. When a Firefish gets spooked, it can jump out of an aquarium.

    The Firefish is a carnivore and needs a diet very rich in meaty foods. Firefish do very well with foods such as brine and mysis shrimp and frozen mixed marine foods.

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