• Live Rock

  • Live Rock is the single most important thing you can add to your marine tank. Live Rock provides a host of services to your tank and is nearly impossible to run a successful tank without any.

    Live Rocks most important role in a marine aquarium is to provide biological filtration to your tank. Beneficial bacterial found on and in Live Rock removes toxins from your tank. Live Rock also provides hiding places for your fish and inverts. Many fish need to be able to escape the open watch of your tank when threatened of harassed.

    Live Rock comes in endless shapes and sizes, and no two pieces are the same. Live Rock comes from all over the world and have endless organisms living on the rock, from inverts to coral and sponges. Some people will bath their Live Rock in acid to kill all life to avoid potentially undesirable hitchhikers and start fresh with new rock. It is important that you cure your Live Rock before adding livestock to your tank, or the ammonia spike from the die off on the rock can kill your tanks inhabitants.

    Below is our full list of types of Live Rock that we stock. Please contact us with any questions you might have.