One Spot Foxface
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  • One Spot Foxface

  • Siganus unimaculatus

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  • Tank Size: 90 Gallons
    Tempermant: Peaceful
    Maximum Size: 9"
    Coloration: Yellow, Black, White
    Diet: Herbivore
    Regions Found: Indo-Pacific
    Reef Compatible: Yes (With Caution)
    Experience Level: Intermediate
    Guarantee: Live Guarantee Available
    Water Conditions: 74-82° F, SG 1.020-1.027, PH 7.9-8.5
    Other Names: Black Spot Foxface
  • Description
  • The Black Spot Foxface (Siganus unimaculatus), also known as the One-Spot Foxface or Blotched Foxface, is a visually striking and graceful fish found in the Indo-Pacific region. This species is easily recognizable by its vibrant yellow body adorned with a distinctive black spot on its upper back, which varies in shape and size among individuals. Its long, pointed snout and sail-like dorsal fin add to its elegant appearance, making it a popular choice for saltwater aquariums.

    Despite its gentle demeanor and herbivorous diet, the Black Spot Foxface possesses venomous spines on its dorsal fin, which it can use as a defense mechanism. In the wild, this fish inhabits coral reefs and lagoons, where it grazes on algae and plays a crucial role in maintaining the reef's ecosystem. In captivity, it requires a well-maintained aquarium with plenty of live rock for grazing and hiding. A varied diet of algae-based foods, along with occasional meaty supplements, will help keep this beautiful fish healthy and thriving.

    Tiny: Up to 1", Small: Over 1-1.5", Small / Medium: Over 1.5-2.5", Medium: Over 2.5-3.5", Medium / Large: Over 3.5-4.5", Large: Over 4.5-5.5", Extra Large: Over 5.5-6.5", Extra Extra Large: Over 6.5-7.5", Show Size: Over 7.5-9.5", Jumbo: Over 9.5"

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