Peppermint Shrimp
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  • Peppermint Shrimp

  • Lysmata wurdemanni

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  • Tank Size: 20 Gallons
    Tempermant: Peaceful
    Maximum Size: 2"
    Coloration: Red, White
    Diet: Carnivore
    Regions Found: Western Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Florida
    Reef Compatible: Yes
    Experience Level: Beginner
    Guarantee: Live Guarantee Available
    Water Conditions: 74-82° F, SG 1.020-1.027, PH 7.9-8.5
    Other Names: Veined Shrimp, Caribbean Cleaner Shrimp
  • Description
  • Peppermint Shrimp are one of the most commonly found shrimp in home reef tanks. Peppermint Shrimp have a bright red body with the appearance of veins (stripes) along their body.

    Peppermint Shrimp reach a maximum size of around 2 inches and can be kept in tanks as small as 20 gallons. For the most part Peppermint Shrimp are reef safe, but have been known to bother some corals. Peppermint Shrimp can also be kept in large groups without any fear of aggression.

    Peppermint Shrimp have become extremely popular because of their taste of the nuisance Aiptasia anemone. While not every Peppermint Shrimp will eat Aiptasia, the Atlantic versions are more inclined to. Peppermint Shrimp are hit and miss when it comes to Aiptasia control. Somebody swear by them, and others have had zero luck. Since Peppermint Shrimp are scavengers, they might be less inclined to touch Aiptasia if well fed on tank leftovers.

    If there is not enough food in your tank to keep Peppermint Shrimp happy, you can supplement feeds with high quality flake and pellet foods, as well as small pieces of fresh seafood or mysis shrimp.

    If you have any questions about Peppermint Shrimp, please feel free to contact us at any time.

    If you have any questions please contact Eric Cohen TankStop owner and well respected industry veteran.

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